Wedding Photography

We specialize in a fun, off-beat and candid style of wedding photography and guarantee memories from your wedding that will last a lifetime. We are proud to be amongst the photographers who defined this genre..

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Pre / Post Wedding Photography

We are the best Pre/Post wedding photographer in Lucknow and we are well regarded by our clients. We have years of experience in pre-planning of the shoot. Usually, we usually vest our focus on both going-to-be groom and bride..

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Candid Photography

Our professional photographer has the many years of experience of spontaneous photography that told the story of a day. Candid photography can be done for many events like wedding, engagement and parties..

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Traditional Photography

Traditional photography is the style of photography we’re all used, where carefully framed photographs are taken of subjects that pose for the photographer. These photographs are usually very well planned out and hence ideal for your..

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About US

Welcome to the team of Best Wedding Photographers in Lucknow
- Foto Print Studio

Foto Print Studio is a group of photographers & cinematographers, who find a sense of accomplishment in building trust and robust relationships with their clients and crave to see them happily contended with our work. Spreading smiles and constructing cheerful memories is what we are famous for, as the best pre-wedding photographers in Lucknow. We love to travel with our clients on their journey of happy days and make our best efforts to deliver as per our promise. Indian weddings are larger-than-life celebrations and are rather colorful and wild. The regal decor, lavish spread and shrilling music reflects nothing less than a Bollywood flick! Your wedding day is the most special day of your life.

It is a lifetime event that marks an important milestone in your life and is filled with a plethora of emotions, rituals, traditions and happy moments. It embraces some of the most beautiful memories...Memories that are priceless. You cannot remember each moment of your marriage but you do not want to forget them as well. Magic happens when these incredible moments are captured and saved for life. The romantic glances, joyful tears and beautiful smiles, which tell your true love story, should resonate in the wedding album. That's why we work to capture each amazing shot of your wedding with our stunning creativity.

We Provide The Best Servces

We Capture Emotions and Happiness. That's Why We're Called Top Candid Photographers in Lucknow

Maternity Photography

Maternity lifestyle session typically run for about 1-1.5 hours and can be held either at your home, around your neighbourhood or anywhere around the Broome area. I have many great location ideas if you need some inspiration.Your precious 2-15 days...

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Customized Git Printing

Printing has become very simple and a fast process these days. It's an affordable solution for the one who is trying to make their gift look apart and for those looking to promote or advertise their brand.We comes with a wide spectrum of varieties like coffee mug,..

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Destination Wedding

Missed some lovely pictures with your soul mate in your own wedding? Don’t worry! With our destination wedding photography services you can fulfill your unique wish and capture some candid wedding pictures to celebrate your wedding. Life is all about sweet..

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Babies/Kids Photography

We provide the best Baby Photography Service in Lucknow, UP, India and we are reckoned as Best Baby Photographers in India. We provide baby photography services for babies for capturing their innocence and naughtiness of childhood. . These photographs are clicked..

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Cinematic Films

Special moments are timeless. And, they should always be captured with heart and soul.

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Memories fade over time but video captures the day you'll want to linger lifetime


As we get old, our beautiful memories begin to fade. Most of the times, our memories get jumbled around and while while we may specifically remember a specific moment, the side features and details are gone forever..

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Some Exceptional Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas For Couple!

In the era of social media, aren’t marriages all about photos these days? If you are going to get married and doing many preparations then you will be more excited about the pre-wedding preparation and ideas..

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Some Amazing Tips For Candid Photography

Its probably the first class of acting when you are asked to forget that a lens is looking at you. Embrace the moment. Live, feel alive and let the candid moments fill up the viewfinder. Be silly be stupid. Be yourself..

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